Trusses & Pre-nail Frames Brisbane

Trusses & Pre-nail Frames

For over 20 years the VBS Team have been manufacturing pre fabricated truss systems for customers in the greater Brisbane region. Our dedicated team utilise the latest computer technology.

This technology combined with their extensive knowledge strives  to create a first rate product for our customer base.

Virginia Building Supplies is a licensed Pryda producer for truss systems. Our Prefabricated range include:-

  • Roof Trusses
  • Floor Trusses
  • Pre-nailed Frames

Many of our customers are account customers and are rewarded with a pricing structure that rewards the volume of business they do with us. If this is of interest to you, speak to a member of the Virginia Building Supplies team.

Weather you're an architect, builder, engineer or home renovator using our pre-fabricated truss and frame systems will give you the solid foundation you need for your project.

The Pryda connector plates that we use combine the strength of steel with the versatility that only timber can offer.

Pre-fabricated trusses have made the building process alot quicker and labour costs can be reduced. The accuracy of the trusses is more accurate due to the computer technology that is used by the Virginia Building Supplies team.

Trust your next building project to Virginia Building Supplies.

We offer:

Truss & Pre Nail design

Truss & Pre Nail  manufacture